Shaq Falls On TNT Set Challenges Internet For Best Meme MANjr_4

Coming up at the next countdown countdownlbl Coming up : nextVideo. Name nextVideo. Description Skip for this video now Transcript for Shaq Takes a Tumble, Fans Respond with Hilarious Memes Ultimately, hak Shaq having a helpful lesson for each of us on the way to have a joke. Following a less than graceful moment on live television, the elegance of this ensuing on-line mockery. It is the fall heard across the world. Shaquille O’Neal wiping out on live television during tnt’s”Inside the NBA halftime show.” The 7’1″ former NBA superstar moving down following his size 22 shoe got caught on a strand. You put me up. What do you mean me? You put me up. Reporter: Shaq making light of his less than hers landing tweeting I broke my leg leg along with dam I am lum clumsy. The incident reminiscent from the famous Shaq Falls On TNT Set Challenges Internet For Best Meme | MANjr autumn from”Curb your enthusiasm” Oh, my god. Now, however, it is the memes taking center court. Shaq himself getting in online tweeting whoever makes the best meme wins $500 cash. Go! Aq sh versus Ali, moving against M. J., even infant simba has sympathy for this guy. This video Shaq’s favorite so far. When you drop through the games it is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Reporter: Down go Shaq up but goes his social media presence. When you have made a shack meme and you want to vie for the $500 visit our”Nightline” Facebook webpage and discuss it with us. This transcript was automatically generated and not be 100% accurate. “duration”:”1:40″,”description”:”After the basketball great triggered set during TNT’s NBA halftime showthat he asked fans to make light of the situation.” ,”mediaType”:”default”,”segment”:”ABCNews/Nightline”,”id”:”30893085″,”title”:”Shaq Takes a Tumble, Fans Respond with Hilarious Memes”,”url”:”/Nightline/video/shaq-takes-tumble-fans-respond-hilarious-memes-30893085″

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